Abhay Vardhan

I am a software engineer and an entrepreneur with deep experience in web, data processing, backend systems, and machine learning. I am currently an engineer at Uber where it has been a privilege to work with passionate people solving hard problems which affect millions across the globe. Previously, I was the co-founder of Blippy, a cool way to discover GIFs and share them with your friends.

I have a PhD in Computer Science from University of Illinois where I worked on using learning techniques for verification of software systems. After my PhD, I joined Google in the web search team and got hands-on experience in ranking, search evaluation and analysis of large amounts of data.

I am fascinated by the recent advances in Machine Learning, AI and autonomous vehicles. The confluence of large amounts of data, and powerful computing resources is leading a revolution in computers helping us solve problems that were previously considered to be too hard. This has the potential of transforming our society. A good example of this is self driving technology which is disrupting how people move around.

I have been following up on the advances made in deep learning, computer vision, robotics with a particular focus on self driving cars. I have avidly consumed various the AI related classes at Stanford, Udacity and on the web and have been recently working on a project in my spare time to use an Android based toy car and simulation environments to try out various techniques for automation.

If you would like to see a more detailed profile, please visit my linkedin page or checkout some of my recent projects on github. You can also reach me at firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com.


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